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    Triangle bra

    There are a couple of variations on our Triangle Bra; cheeky ones that fasten at the front, ones with a delicate lace creeping up to the shoulder, dainty cups and ones with underbands that wrap the body. What they all are is comfy, relaxed, and very sexy. Small cups already know that they can flit between the different styles, but larger cups may not realise that they too can enjoy a look with no underwire. We recommend that cups above a D, (if you like the look of these!) try the options with a thicker band under the bust and look for where we note that it’s a ‘strong finish’ lace. Give it a whirl, they’re too pretty not to!

    Triangle Bras | Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Lingerie


    Padded Push-Up Bra

    The genius of the Mimi Holliday padded push-up bra is all in the cut. This is a bra that will give an uplift and chic cleavage. The padding in this piece is about 1cm worth of natural cotton, so it will smooth without dramatically adding to your silhouette. The shape has, what we call, a 'plunge' meaning that the centre gore (the middle flat panel between the cups) is narrower and exposes more of the décolletage than other cups, setting the stage for eye-watering cleavage. Talking technically; the cups are a two part hand cut pattern with one seam running horizontally. In pure silk styles we leave the seam visible for a couture feel. The padded push-up is cut low on the bust, so sometimes we add lace overlay to create a perfectly smooth fit, preventing overspill or escaping nipples. Remember how we told you that the uplift is all in the cut not from padding? Well, that means that is great for all sizes- it’s been a best seller for many years! Every woman deserves to own a Mimi Holliday Padded-Push Up.

    Padded Push-Up Bras | Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Lingerie


    Comfort Bra

    The Mimi Holliday international best seller for many years, the Comfort Bra is Queen in the Land of Unpadded. Seriously, it’s not just us saying it. From a 28B to a 40E and up to a GG in-between, this bra is serious business in the most delightfully pretty, sexy, lush, everything way possible. Engineered to fit like it’s bespoke - the Mimi Holliday Comfort Bra is a one-part, darted cup crafted from lace and pure silk. Completely supportive and offering gentle uplift and natural cleavage, the breast sits encased and comfortable in the sexily semi-sheer cup.  Always beautiful, all the time.

    Comfort Bras | Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Lingerie


    Shoulder Bra

    The shoulder bra is wonderful for any size, but is also HEAVENLY for fuller cups. Perfectly engineered to support from the base of the cup right up and over the shoulder , it provides gentle but significant structural support to the bust. The breast hangs supported, encased in stunning lace. This style provides a wonderfully smooth finish with great uplift and natural cleavage. All shoulder bras give a beautiful support, but for extra, extra strength, choose a style that we note as being a ‘strong finish’ lace. It’s a really really comfy bra. The lace edging adds cool layering and a daring hint of what’s hidden underneath.

    Shoulder Bras | Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Lingerie


    Balcony Bra

    Mimi Balcony Bras are known for their fit. Crafted with a two-part panel and a horizontal seam, the Balcony is perfect for uplift on the bust, with the push coming from the base of the cup. Balcony Bras, with their reasonably straight line across the top of the bust. Sit beautifully under clothing. The shallower cup of the Balcony make it a lovely choice for a smaller bust, enhancing the silhouette and lifting breast tissue. A Mimi Holliday Balcony is loved for gentle silk straps, a perfectly engineered fit, and more than anything, the softness of the cotton lined cups. Try it for yourself, and tell us if we’re wrong.

    Balcony Bras | Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Lingerie

    Maxi Bra

    This bra is true to its name- maximum support, maximum comfort and maximum seduction. Perfect for the fuller bust, our maxi bra has all the right ingredients to ensure you feel sexy and supported, including soft silk wide straps, a tri-panel design, extra hook closures on back and best of all power lace built into Mimi Holliday’s signature pure silk designs. With natural uplift ad shape, the maxi bra will feel like a second skin whether you’re a 28FF or a 40E. This bra is so soft- you won’t believe you’re wearing it.

    Maxi Bras | Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Lingerie


    Maternity Bra

    Quickly becoming a high-fashion favourite with pregnant and nursing mothers, Mimi Holliday’s silk maternity bras promise full functionality and comfort with absolutely no sacrifice on style. Showcasing a sumptuous combination of pure silk with super soft stretch mesh or lace, this bra introduces luxury and style to maternity lingerie. The maternity bra features a design unique to Mimi Holliday, including a trademarked discrete panel across the bust from added discretion, and chic gold heart clasps. Wearers love having truly fashionable options in maternity wear, and the ability to maintain comfortably concealed in all scenarios.

    Maternity Bras | Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Lingerie