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Nude Flash! Stolen Trumpeter

Jan 30, 2018

In other news... a serious ‘Nude Flash’ from Mimi’s world.. missing person-sexy Trumpeter, numero uno was reported last seen at 4.55pm on Saturday evening, at Mimi Holliday’s debut store 107 Regent’s Park Road, Primrose Hill. 

At 5pm the loyal trumpeter was gone, and all that was left in its place was a circular dry patch surrounded by the rain sodden pavement. Distraught locals and Mimi girls flocked to the scene for an emergency meeting of the rescue mission.

5.30pm Police were called and a missing Soldier report was filed. Word in the village was of stories of the trumpeter being dragged along down Regents Park road, assisted by a couple of very naughty and slightly sozzled dudes.. 


Gemma Gregroy Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Lingerie


On Sunday at 3.15pm, Mimi HQ, received a phone call from the culprit, admitting to a long and booze lunch that let to a naughty moment of madness of Trumpet Theft  with two of his friends. Low and behold.. the happy Trumpeter was hand delivered wrapped in three blankets to protect the culprits identity. With the trumpeter back safe and sound  at Mimi HQ  standing proud with his pal soldier numero 2...Silly plonker! 

Love Gemma x



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  • Sarah

    That’s actually hilarious! ?

  • Alice

    Nooooo! To funny xxx

  • Fiona

    Great blog. Hope the soldiers aren’t too disturbed by it all. Lol

  • Charlotte

    LOLZ ! Loving the vibe to these blogs, Gemma. Keep them coming :) Charlie x

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