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Lingerie of the Month - June

Jul 06, 2017

Every month a different member of the team here at Mimi HQ will share with you their favourite set from our collections.

Linda, our Financial Director, chooses her Lingerie of the Month for June.

"After I had my two children, I lost a lot of confidence in my body. I didn't feel great in lingerie and my boobs weren't the first thing I wanted to show off! This bra has given me back so much of that lost confidence. It gives me a perfect amount of lift, not too much, but just enough, and holds everything in place. It's super comfortable and I can wear it all day without it ever digging in or feeling too tight. I just want to show it off - I love wearing mine underneath a white t-shirt so you can see the amazing lilac lace a little underneath."

Mimi Holliday | Luxury Lingerie | Huckleberry | Designer Lingerie

 You can purchase the Huckleberry Comfort Bra here, and the Sexy Knicker here.

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1 Comment

  • Amy Klein

    I totally agree with Linda – my body confidence hit rock bottom after the birth of my first child, but lingerie for me was such an empowering and important tool in regaining my confidence. I used Mimi’s maternity bra throughout pregnancy and to breastfeed once my baby was born and having something so gorgeous AND functional was just a god send. Keep them coming Mimi Holliday!! xxxxx

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