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Halloween House Gowns by Sera in our Mimi store!

Oct 28, 2018

It is All Hallows Eve, and we have a treat in store for you.

Mimi’s debut store is gearing up for Halloween in our home in Primrose Hill with the interiors dressed by Sera, the wonderfully eccentric interior designer of Sera of London.

We will be having a late opening on 31st till 8pm to celebrate our latest in-store collaboration, and all things scary. All are welcome so please come along to our store and have a look around with a spooky Jet-Black cocktail or two and a revolting orange pumpkin candy floss on us.

I am an intern working at Mimi Holliday, currently with the team for 3 months. Having a fantastic time working in the press office, arranging the merchandise on our website and making sure the store looks beautiful for all our lovely customers.

The Mimi HQ asked me to write our latest blog on the Halloween event collaboration with Sera. I was really excited to meet Sera “the interior poet” and have a chat with Sera at her London home. Talking all things interior design and Halloween.

Sera and I got to spend a couple days together getting our first seasonal Halloween window and interiors ready for the lead up to Halloween in Primrose Hill. Playing around with house gowns and Victoria Grants spectacular millinery.

Long term friends Sera and Damaris met through an old mutual friend Cathy Ariza who makes amazing fireplaces, and it also very good at putting like-minded creative people together.


Dreamy extravagant gowns in heavenly pinks and muted ivory wrap the walls and dressing room. The charcoal Jet gowns hanging the window, drape around the bewitching black polka dot cat lace sets, topped off with Victoria Grants spectacular theatrical hats.

Sera’s house gowns are designed as architectural pieces for your home. Used to replace doors or indeed walls, all suspended from the ceiling. They have been designed so you can live in a free-flowing romantic space. Hand made using muslin appliqued with vintage lace, and hand dyed to the customer specification. They are bohemian mystique, personified.

Halloween with Sera
Getting down to the nitty gritty…

When Interviewing at Sera’s beautiful home, I was able to meet the Sestra Moja, whist Sera and Sestra where in a brainstorming meeting. Sestra actually designs and make the house gowns with Sera and makes dresses with the beautiful muslins and laces that are used in the house gowns.

What is your p*** star name? (The name of your first ever pet & your mother’s maiden name.)
Hector Green

What skill do you have that not many people know about?
I know how to make a room, or an area look very romantic and have a seductive atmosphere. The key elements are the lighting must low, almost dark, then add candle light only, these are actually quite bright when you remove all other light. You should have soft music quietly playing in the background. You MUST have oils burning, aromatherapy is extremely important to this – and a woman walking around Mimi Holliday lingerie and heels.


What is your favourite word?

Finish this sentence: I wish I had…
I wish I had more patience.

If you could spend one hour with anyone past or present, who would it be
Harrold Pinter Playwright – I just think he is an amazing playwright, and just so interesting and soo manly...

Thong or knicker, or none? 
Definitely a thong! That’s what I buy from Mimi.

Hair or make up?I
I don’t like wearing any make up during the day, I like to be natural. But in the evening if I am going out, I glam myself up and do both hair and make-up.

When I say Mimi Holliday - Damaris lingerie what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
For Mimi Holliday – it is Billie Holliday – I always thought that she had twisted it to make it Mimi.But When it comes to Damaris it has always been ultra-feminine and beautiful undergarments. I used to have them in my store and used to sell them really well.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
My best advice is – always be careful who you choose to have children with. You really need to put your head above your heart, when it comes to long term choices. I have always just done whatever and not thought about it. But I think your choice in partner is very important.

Where is your favourite place?
My favourite place is actually in a dream I once had – I hope that counts – I was with a friend and we were on a spaceship and when it arrived on this amazing planet, it was like utopia. It was like an ice age, it was a vastness of white and snow, with beaming hot sunshine. It was infinite. We went on like snow bikes and when we were travelling around, all sorts of flowers and plants were popping out around us. It was stunning.

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done and gotten away with? 
Too naughty to mention – definitely is too many to say. 
One book you must ready before you die? 
Madame Bovary 
What do you sleep in? 
Not a stitch

 Who is your favourite designer? 
Sestra Moja – Other than that I just wear vintage and market clothes, I have fun with what I wear. 

Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle? 
Both – They’re both fabulous, they are so different. 

What is your favourite piece from our collection? 
The Wild Things – Natural Leopard is my favourite, but I love all the other colours 

What did you dream about last night 
I dreamt that I was with Harold Pinter, I went to his play last night – Moonlight.

Last Word
I have always needed to have my own space and make a space my own from when I was a young girl at home. I still do it now, for instance, if I am in a hotel I take a little bag with me with scarfs in it to put over the lamp shades, to make the place my own for a while. My daughter Anoushka Florence runs a community called “The Goddess Space”; where they have women circles, sometimes in my studio. It is all about meditation – which is very popular at the moment. Bringing good energy into an environment, and giving time back to yourself, which is very important. To create healing practises and a beautiful environment.

Contact Sera:
Mobile: 07977534115

Instagram: @SeraofLondon @serasestra

Contact Victoria:
Telephone: 02072211395
Mobile: 07775755969

Instagram: @Victoriagrant 

Cathy Ariza

Instagram: @bddesigns

Lots of Love Becky xx

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  • Florianne

    Wow I love this blog! I have been following Sera’s intoriora for years. Such a gorgeous collaboration.

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