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Get to Know: The Shoulder Bra

February 18, 2018 1 min read

Finding your perfect Bra can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task. Back sizes, cup sizes, sister sizes? Padded or non-padded, wired or non-wired? Triangle, Push-Up, Balcony? We understand it can feel a little baffling, when you just want to know which one works for you.

In this the third instalment of Mimi's Bra Guide, we're talking all this lacy with the Shoulder Bra, a favourite since the beginning of all the girls at Mimi HQ and one to try for yourself.

Designer, Founder and Creative Director Damaris Evans explains the pro's of her favourite bra to wear day to day - The Shoulder Bra.


Should Bras | Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Lingerie

 Coco Loco Shoulder Bra - Coming Soon!


Mimi Holliday's shoulder bra has been a strong seller for the last 10 years, it is the fail safe winning shape of Mimi. Not a classic choice of new customers, due to it being fashion forward, once recommended and fitted it easily becomes a no.1 choice. 


Shoulder Bras | Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Lingerie


Mimi HQ recommends the shoulder bra for the perfect every day bra, with that little extra support and a little more of a hug in a bra than the comfort bra. One of the perks with the shoulder bra, is if styled with a blouse or V neck t-shirt, the beautiful lace will peep through creating a beautifully stylish and feminine décolletage.

"In ten years of fitting the shoulder bra on clients, no one, including the push up girls, hasn’t loved the shape it gives them!"


Shoulder Bras | Mimi Holliday Luxury Ddesigner Lingerie



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