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Get to know: The Comfort Bra

Nov 02, 2017

Finding your perfect Bra can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task. Back sizes, cup sizes, sister sizes? Padded or non-padded, wired or non-wired? Triangle, Push-Up, Balcony? We understand it can feel a little baffling, when you just want to know which one works for you. So over the coming months, we'll be explaining everything there is to know about each one of our Bra styles, so you can make the best choice for your boobs.

Mimi Holliday | Luxury Lingerie | Bra Guide | Lingerie | Designer Lingerie | Comfort Bra

First up - it's the Comfort Bra, our best-seller for over a decade. Designer, Founder and Creative Director Damaris Evans tells us why it's one of her favourite styles.

When Mimi was launched in 2003, we only offered padded styles. Everything I'd done before, all the handmade 'Damaris' couture pieces were totally non-padded, sheer, super gorgeous pieces, so Mimi was initially created to provide what 'Damaris' did not; wearable, everyday, padded Bras. A few seasons in, I designed the Comfort Bra, and its launch was met with great success - people would say to me that from the moment they wore one of my Comfort Bras, they knew they'd never wear anything else again.
As a non padded bra lover myself, I have a particular and personal love for the Comfort Bra. It provides the perfect amount of lift and frames the décolletage beautifully, and you can show as much or little as you like. You can be modest, and incredibly sexy at the same time. The lift is delicate, amazing for holding your boobs in position without digging in or being uncomfortably tight. It really does live up to its name - it's so super comfortable! 

Mimi Holliday | Luxury Lingerie | Bra Guide | Lingerie | Designer Lingerie | Comfort Bra

Why The Comfort Bra is one of my favourites...
  • The elastics are always soft
  •  The underarm fabric doesn’t cut into your armpit (this should NEVER happen - and never will on a Mimi Bra)
  • We fit test all our sizes so they are comfortable for everyone, not just the size 34B fit model. I am a size 32FF and fit test every single Bra that we sell, to make sure it fits bigger cups as beautifully as small cups. The Mimi HQ team also road test our Bras, to make sure that they fit across the board, at every size. 
  • Silk straps with strong elastic inside provide amazing support and a comfortable lift, even up to FF cup. 
  • You'll never get that tight, uncomfortable feeling halfway through the day, dreaming about tearing it off as soon as you get home.
  • I have been designing Bras for nearly 18 years - I've worn (pretty much) everything in my time! I wear The Comfort Bra, or a version of it every single day, so you know it's got to be good as my standards are pretty high!

Mimi Holliday | Luxury Lingerie | Bra Guide | Lingerie | Designer Lingerie | Comfort Bra

Do you own a Mimi Comfort Bra? We'd love to know what you think - leave us a comment below! 

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  • simonne holder

    Hi i am a 32D uk size. I was a 36C when i was i brought a 36C mimi and didn’t fit me it was to small. I love mimi holiday but I’m worried I’ll not get the right size. Can you tell me what a 32D is in Uk thank you

  • Mimi Holliday

    Hi Sarah
    Thank you for the question!
    The comfort bra has only one seam and so this only enables a certain amount of support, which for the bigger sizes limits the support and ultimately the comfort. The largest we go to is a 30G, 32ff which is like a 34f and 36dd (for the latter two, if you were to use a bras back extender). What size are you…… as I would suggest trying the mimi maxi bra which goes up to a h…… bye for now x

  • Mo Flaxington

    The comfort bra is fabulous. I have those and the non padded shoulder bras and never wear anything else under my clothes. I loved the cat ones last season. Could we have more cats?

  • Sarah

    Wish the comfort bra went up to your larger cup sizes (perplexed why it doesn’t given the need for comfort is great in this demographic)

  • Julia

    Best fit bra ever…all I buy these days.

  • Arianne

    I’ve never worn a Comfort Bra as I prefer padded… but these look like they give a nice shape and cleavage! Might give it a go & get one during Black Friday sale to see how it fits… exciting!

  • Wendy

    MIMI’s Comfort Bra is always the must have items in my wardrobe! Love it!

  • Diana

    The prettiest sexiest bras out there! Have been obsessed with these since day 1!!!

  • Emma

    My sister is obsessed with Comfort bras – I give her a Mimi Holliday set for her Birthday ever year. They are super practical but she loves them because of the sheer element which means they are also super sassy! If people haven’t tried the Comfort they should!

  • suzy


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