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Get To Know: Mimi's Padded Push Up Bra

Nov 20, 2017

Finding your perfect Bra can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task. Back sizes, cup sizes, sister sizes? Padded or non-padded, wired or non-wired? Triangle, Push-Up, Balcony? We understand it can feel a little baffling, when you just want to know which one works for you.

Mimi Holliday | Push Up Bra | Padded Bra | Luxury Lingerie | Designer Lingerie

In this second instalment of Mimi's Bra Guide, we're talking all things push-up with the Padded Push Up Bra, a favourite since the beginning and the first style Mimi Holliday ever produced. Designer, Founder and Creative Director Damaris Evans explains the pro's of the Padded Bra.

The Padded Push Up Bra! Just like the Comfort Bra, this one really lives up to its name. When I named the Comfort Bra, I tried it on and thought, ‘wow, this is comfortable’, and so the name came naturally. When I first started making this padded style, I tried it on and we all said, ‘gosh look at that push up, what a cleavage!’, and so, the Padded Push Up was born.

If you’re after amazing shape, incredible uplift and forward projection, then this is the bra for you. The genius of our Padded Push Up is all in the padding. It’s made from very soft, light cotton, and because of the cut on the cup and the way the padding sits right underneath the breast and pushes it up and inwards, you get show-stopping cleavage without heavy, uncomfortable padding. Each piece of padding is cut by hand to ensure each one is shaped perfectly, so that once it is inserted into the bra, you’re guaranteed that unbeatable lift.

Mimi Holliday | Super Plunge | Push Up Bra | Luxury Lingerie | Designer Lingerie | Bra Guide

Here at Mimi Holliday, all our bras are made by hand at our incredible atelier. Did you know, it takes SIXTEEN people to make one bra?! From the pattern cutter, who cuts each piece of fabric by hand, to the person that makes the delicate grosgrain bows, and then the person who sews those tiny bows on. 

The pattern cutters are so skilled that they have been able to create patterns for Mimi which gives the same support and lift to the breast that mass market manufacturers can, but with a handmade couture essence and without stuffing the bras full of bulky padding.

Since its inception, the Padded Push Up Bra has been a core part of each Mimi collection – 12 years strong! It’s still an integral aspect of nearly every single story we design and create. It’s really stood the test of time, and we hear from customers every week who tell us how nothing fits like Mimi’s Padded Push Up, and they don’t know what they’d do if we stopped making them.

So, if you love a bit of cleavage and want to make an impact, Mimi’s Padded Push Up Bra is the one for you!

 Mimi Holliday | Padded Push Up Bra | Padded Bra | Push Up Bra | Luxury Lingerie

Do you own a Mimi Padded Push Up? We'd love to know what you think - leave us a comment below! 

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  • JB

    Beautiful and comfortable but… the small metal rings bring Nickel allergy (strong ones) to my wife.
    She cannot wear it any more. Please change it for non nickel alliage or even for plastic or equivalent.
    25% of women are allergic to nickel today. Please make her this favor, she is so disappointed not to be able to wear such beautiful bras.
    Thank you !
    Take care,

  • Emily

    The red set is so beautiful – such a great shape too, padded bras are my favourite!

  • yan

    Love the padded push up!! Save me from the nipple show through :)

  • lucy porter

    I never wore padded bras until I discovered Mimi! I have big boobs so they always pushed them up to my chin and were too OTT but then my husband bought me a set one christmas and they’re wonderful. Give me a great shape and amazing cleavage but not in a gross way!

  • Lulu

    I am ALL about a little helping hand ;) This bra is magical! NO padding, just an amazing natural shape which gives an extra oomph. Couldn’t live without it

  • Suzy

    Really helpful, Mimi! Ive always been a comfort girl, but this baby pink push up on the top pic, I think its truth or dare is heavenly……sx

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