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An Interview with Hat Designer Jess Collett

May 20, 2018

Jess Collett & Mimi Holliday | Luxury Designer LingerieJess Collett and Siblings

Jess and Damaris have been friends for almost 20 years…. ''I fell in love with her wonderful artistic flair, when I first visited her in her studio on Notting Hill's All Saints road, it was like walking into an adults Aladin's cave. A wonderful magical adult craft box'' says Damaris. Over the years Jess has been the discreet ‘go to’ for one off exclusive couture hats. Helena Bonham Carter, Madonna, Rianna and Pippa Middleton are amongst her fans as well as us at Mimi HQ.

“I believe hats have the power to transform your style and mood.”

Jess Collett & Mimi Holliday | Luxury Designer Beach Boater HatsHelen Bonham Carter and Pippa Middleton

I asked Jess if she would collaborate with me on my Autumn Winter 2005 Damaris Collection. The Damaris knickers were hand made using silk tulle with a skirt made of silk danglies and hand made feather and Swarovski crystals, with a little fascinator to match. The idea was for the feathers to be seen under your skirt. People would ask me when I wore them, what are those? and I'd say my knickers! It was caused a little giggle. Humour has always played a part of my lingerie and with Jess’ eccentric and bohemian creativity, it was the perfect match!

Jess Collett & Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Boater Hats

A decade on in 2015, paying homage to Mimi Holliday's roots (Mimi was my first pet) we brought cat ears into fashion, featuring jet black French Guipure lace. These little ears made it onto the pages of the worlds leading magazines. We sold out in 24 hours on NET-A-PORTER, and couldn’t produce enough of them.

Jess Collett & Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Beach Boater Hats

At one point Jess had four of her wonderful team working around the clock, keeping up the demand. Our latest fun collaboration is the cheeky giant bow headbands used for our SS18 collection and worn this week by Helen Bonham Carter. 



Jess Collett & Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Beach Boater Hats

Due to the success of our Beachwear launch last year, we will be launching our high Summer collection on the 1st June with the Mimi’s British Boater! They will be launching exclusively this weekend at our London Store in Primrose Hill during the summer fair, so come along! 

Jess Collett & Mimi Holliday Luxury Designer Beach Boater Hats 



What’s are your guilty pleasures?
Driving down a country lane with the kids in the back singing 'Never Ending Storeeeee' 
Who are your favourite designers? 
For handmade couture Lisa Redman and for everday has to be Anna Mason.
What is your favourite Mimi piece from Spring/Summer 18? 
Cosmo Pop! and I fantasise about wearing the Pinball Body 
Who should we be watching out for? 
Helena Bonham Carter, she rocked the Mimi & JCM head bow, I think she will look pretty damn cool in a watch this space. 
What did you want to be as a child? 
A stuntwoman!...until my love of hats took over.
Knicker or thong? 
I am definitely a knicker girl...but I have never tried thong in bed!!
Hair or makeup? 
errrm...I am HAT and make-up! 
Who would like to spend an hour with? 
I think I would like to see what Donald Trump is really like..although one hour would be too much! 
Where is your favourite place? 
Either in Cornwall with my family or in my studio making hats with the music on  
Do you have any regrets? 
Yes! being to nervous to give David Bowie my business card when he passed me... I just waved.
One book you must read before you die? 
The book I would like to read before I die, the Bible. 
What do you sleep in? 
I always wear pyjamas. Silk shirts, or cashmere tracksuit in the winter, I just love to get snuggled. 
Who is your favourite artist? 
I studied a History of Art degree and initially was inspired at school by Yves Klein. Now, I am a huge fan of contemporary art and photography. Tyler Shields and Miles Aldridge are super cool. 
Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle? 
I think Kate would look fab in one of our boaters. 
Do you have any secret skills? 
I can do a barani on the trampoline....thats not a chicken biryani!
What comes to mind when you think of Mimi Holliday?
Naughty but nice...with a cherry on top!
The name Mimi Holliday is Damaris' p*rn star name. It's your first pets name with your mother's maiden name, whats yours? 
Victoria Plum Powell 


Jess Collett & Mimi Holliday | Luxury Designer Lingerie


Love Jess & Damaris x 


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