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Blog Takeover by Amber Anderson

Aug 18, 2017

Mimi Holliday | Luxury Lingerie | Amber Anderson | Designer Lingerie | Damaris

Three years after Amber’s iconic Damaris campaign, we look back at one of our favourite ever photoshoots and catch up with the supermodel about her career, body confidence and her favourite pieces from the new Mimi collections.

Mimi Holliday | Amber Anderson | Luxury Lingerie | Damaris | Designer Lingerie
When I shot my campaign for Damaris a few years back, the room was full of women, most notably including the photographer, Jane McLeish-Kelsey. On the basis that the shoot was for lingerie, I felt more empowered than objectified. Working in the presence of a female eye allowed for a particular level of intimacy. I've had the joy of working with some truly amazing male photographers, and I hope to continue doing so, but I considered this creative decision to be invaluable when the brand’s intention is for women to feel sexy and confident in themselves.

I think wearing gorgeous underwear is incredibly confidence-boosting and almost part of self-care. In fact, I enjoy the secretive sense of wellbeing I get wearing sexy underwear underneath some baggy jeans and a t-shirt! Models have to be resilient. I started modelling at 15 and initially found the career adjustment both overwhelming and unsettling. It was challenging enough understanding my body as a young woman, let alone also entering into an industry that can tend to focus on perfection. It can be hard for your attitude towards body image to not become a thing of transaction. I felt as though people would tell you that all you need to be is yourself whilst simultaneously categorising you based on who they think you are, so self-awareness and having other interests is key.

Mimi Holliday | Amber Anderson | Damaris | Luxury Lingerie | Designer Lingerie

My career focus has changed somewhat over the last few years, and while I still have to maintain certain measurements as a model, I now see things more in a health and confidence-centric way. As an actor you have to endure long stretches of often quite physical work or learn new skills like dance or fighting. It’s draining and it gives you a refreshing respect for what your body can do.

Mimi Holliday | Damaris | Luxury Lingerie | Amber Anderson | Supermodel
I started to train now because I want to, and its given me pride to have a more emotional relationship with my body as opposed to seeing it as purely a commodity. I’m delighted to be choosing my top picks for Mimi and Damaris, a brand that confidently manages to help women feel great in their bodies.

The best advice I've ever been given? In a relationship, don't ever be afraid of life without someone, because then you will always be yourself.

Amber's Top Picks.

Mimi Holliday | Luxury Lingerie | Designer Lingerie | Damaris | Amber Anderson

1. Kiss Chase - Triangle Bra, Suspenders and Petal Knickers.

I’ve been trying to get myself into wearing more colourful underwear recently. This set is pretty, and I love the sexy edge of the peep hole at the back of the briefs. The suspender belt is a great addition to this set for the evening too!

2. Queenie - Triangle Bra and Knicker

As you might be able to tell, I’m a big fan of the triangle bra! Mimi manages to make them wearable for those of us with a larger cup size too, which is rare.

(Available mid August)

3. Conkers Triangle Bra & Thong

We all love a barely there sexy set that also looks super comfortable and this one is pure fire.

(Available September)

Mimi Holliday | Damaris | Amber Anderson | Luxury Lingerie | Designer Lingerie

Mimi Holliday | Luxury Lingerie | Damaris | Amber Anderson | Supermodel

Mimi Holliday | Damaris | Amber Anderson | Instagram | Luxury Lingerie
Amber getting a makeover from Damaris' daughter Kitty. 

Follow Amber on Instagram @amberandergram

And follow Mimi's adventures at @mimiholliday

Mimi Holliday | Amber Anderson | Luxury Lingerie | Quote | Damaris

Mimi Holliday | Damaris | Luxury Lingerie | Amber Anderson | Designer Lingerie

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  • Harriet

    Amazing role model for all girls out there – strong and gorgeous in what is a tough industry. Damaris is the best designer lingerie out here by far, such beautiful designs. Wouldn’t dream of shopping anywhere else!

  • Ross

    Loved this post…. Amber is gorgeous…I have just started to follow her on instagram and she rocks at the Piano…..Diana (from a previous post)…you would love it! Thank you Mimi Holliday, keep them coming.

  • Sophie

    Love this – so great to see a model whose focus is on health and confidence & who has stayed true to herself in such a difficult industry. Absolutely stunning shoot, the lingerie looks amazing. X

  • Diana

    I don’t like this story and this model.
    I wish her to follow her advice and always be without someone in her In a relationships.

  • Alice

    Girl crush gone wild! My favourite lingerie brand with my favourite model!

  • Jasmine

    So beautiful and inspirational!
    Amber and the collection are stunning!

  • Anna

    Just love her! Great story Amber and Damaris. x

  • Bella Mathews

    Such an amazing shoot!
    Amber looks incredible, as does the lingerie she’s wearing!! you should definitely get her to model your stuff again.

  • Sam

    Incredible shoot.
    You made me fall in love with Mimi Holiday .
    Good luck !

  • Josephine

    ‘I think wearing gorgeous underwear is incredibly confidence-boosting and almost part of self-care’

    I couldn’t agree more Amber…wearing something special that not everyone sees gives you a spring in your step! Self care is a beautiful way to describe it.

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