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Damaris Luxury Lingerie
Mimi Holliday Luxury Lingerie | Our Films

Discover and shop Mimi Holliday Luxury Lingerie; beautiful designer bras, knickers, suspenders, nightwear and bridal lingerie.

Designer Damaris Evans is the creative force behind Mimi Holliday, she revolutionised the luxury lingerie landscape and took us outside the long accepted norm. Before her eponymous Damaris lingerie, there was no such thing as peep bow back knickers, the world had never heard of bottom cleavage, corset knickers did not exist and ‘star' panties were unimaginable. Mimi Holliday has now diversified into maternity, nightwear and loungewear.

‘Mimi is full of surprises, I strive to push boundaries. It is integral that my designs are luxurious, fun, interesting, cool and essentially functional.’ - Damaris Evans

‘Damaris’ knickers are suitably regal’ - THE GUARDIAN    |    ‘Truly revolutionary’ - VOGUE    |    ‘No-one sold knickers over £100 before Damaris’ - THE TIMES